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wally communication berlin® doesn’t have a high opinion of original sounding speculations in the mass media. We want to know for sure and we rely on empiricism, which affords us more objectivity.

Empirical Communication Research

Empirical communications research is a part of market research and helps make human and media communication more understandable, measurable and calculable in order to gain new insights. Our competence in communication research, as well as visual communication research, public research, research on the use of the media, media effectiveness research grows out of the theoretical and practical knowledge of communication psychology, the audiovisual media, as well as from the knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistical methods of compilation, preparation, analysis and evaluation of data.

Methods of Empirical Communication Research

wally communication berlin® advises and supports you with the choosing of research methods (questioning, observation, content analysis, user experience, qualitative process or physiological measuring). We develop the research design and investigative plan, carry out the research and investigation and produce high quality results.

Advantage by Empirical Communication Research

wally communication berlin® is on your side when it comes to searching for information about your current and potential customers (target groups) and by the preparation of valid, reliable and representative data resulting out of the various areas of our research.

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„Mr. Janosch, the economic situation…what is going there?“ „No danger: Wondrak has already set up a Kosinus Curve. It notes every movement of the economy and the morale, as well as the development of cumulus clouds. As soon as it goes below the critical 36, he’ll jump in.“

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