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wally communication berlin® is an agency for strategic communication & innovation in Berlin which offers businesses optimal solutions for their external and internal business communication. We can show you, based on social, technological, business or artistic developments and trends in the markets, how you can attract the customer’s attention through an optimal business communication strategy (-Concept, -Campaign -, Project), give your business an appealing and lasting Image, and assure that your Brand (Products and Services) will not only be recognized, but also “purchased”.

Branding – Brand Management – Brand Strategy

Awareness + Appeal + Product Usage = Brand Triad

New: + Name Recognition + Reusability

Corporate Communication Strategy

An ideal external business communication strategy encompasses advertising (advertising strategy), public relations (PR-strategy), sales promotions, events, sponsoring, online communication, direct-communication and other elements of business communication, depending on market requirements and the economic possibilities. We are always ready to optimize your communication strategy with respect to your communication budget. Our work is based on proven methods, procedures and techniques of integrated business communication, business communication planning and communication psychology. We not only observe the market and the customer, but our observations also include the competition as well as international trends.

Example: Corporate Communication Strategy – Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Methods of Corporate Communications

The agency for communication and innovation, wally communication berlin®, has a keen sense of the market and the customer. wally communication berlin® offers you and your business ‘full service’ in the areas of internal and external business communication.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – exhibition C´EST PAS MON GENRE! About women (artist unknown) Design in France at MAK in Frankfurt

Consulting | Marketing

wally communication berlin® is an agency for strategic communication & innovation in Berlin which offers you consultation, strategies, concepts as well as their combined realization, to assist you in making the decisive step forward. MARKETING, that underestimated and overlooked area of business, remains THE indicator for strategic and business (as well as artistic) success. We analyze your „Marketing-Mix“ together with you – this means combining together the services you offer, your product, the prices, the distribution, the selling location, the demand, the customers (target market), the competition and your previous communication (advertising, public relations, sponsoring, events, conventions, guerrilla marketing, online marketing, etc.).

The Marketing Strategy

Based upon your briefing and the products or services you offer we can provide you with: /1/ offer, services- and / or product portfolio /2/ your SWOT-Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) /3/ market research and market analysis for your market and market study /4/ brand positioning (positioning-axis) /5/ professional business competitor analysis /6/ clear description of your current or future customers (customer typology, target group analysis, target group profile and target group concepts) /7/ we find your USP (Unique Selling Proposition/ selling advantage, individuality), that which makes you special and differentiates you from your competitors. All of the relevant marketing-, communication-, PR- and advertising strategies evolve out of this. /8/ We are continually following the trends on the market.

Advantage by Marketing

We are equipped with current knowledge and work out a marketing strategy for you or offer individual services (see points 1 to 8). You will be able to achieve your marketing goals (profit, advantage on the market, popularity, likeability, appeal, usefulness, new target groups, etc.) faster, more efficiently and with longer lasting results.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Consulting | Advertising

Do you feel like you can do without advertising? Even after films like “39,90″ by Jan Kounen? Really? Advertising is out?! A smiling Cheshire cat? We would like to point out that as soon as you call a business card your own, have distributed flyers, or updated your website, you are right in the middle of advertising. In your advertising. It can be fabulous, creative, strategic, efficient, funny, intelligent and goal directed. The right advertising which reaches your target groups and achieves your communication goals. Without scattering losses, but very effective.

Advantage by Advertising

wally communication berlin® are professionals in consultation and the realization of strategic business communication and advertising.

We can tell you which advertising format (media) and which advertising design is the most effective for you. Then there is still the question- “What did the advertising bring you?” Here, we also give you the information out of the results of the communication research (advertising research, advertising effectiveness research, evaluation of communication and advertising formats, public research, recipient research, etc). Here is the list of individual services (the contents of advertising strategy):

Advertising Strategy

/1/ Positioning strategy / positioning-axis: Where do you want to be? Where is your competitor? What is your USP = unique selling principle on the market? /2/ Copy-Strategie: Guidelines of design: layout, typography, (macro- and micro-typography), color, sound, etc. /3/ Type of advertising and approach strategy: which type of advertising will you decide on and why? (Flyer, website, poster, spot, guerrilla approach, etc) (above/below the line) /4/ Design / first draft / test Copy /5/ Media strategy: Where and when do you place which kind of advertising and in which type of media? Time planning, advertising cost calculation, choice of media with respect to media statistics. /6/ Decision making process / choice of communication materials (advertising materials) /7/ Production, “placement”, and expediting of advertising /8/ Evaluation of the advertising strategy: How efficiently did your advertising achieve your communication goal? Evaluation of advertising materials, using the methods of modern communications research, communications studies and controlling.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Consulting | Training | Audiovisual Communication

Ear and eye (hearing and seeing). What do we see and hear and which roles are played by sounds, acoustics, noises, tones, musical sounds, sound trademarks, melodies, sound patterns, colors, forms, or pictures? What do we perceive visually and acoustically and how do we communicate in an audiovisual manner?

Auditory and Visual Communication

What does the customer see and hear? What should the customer see and hear from you? How can you design a visual and auditory form of communication? How can you ensure that the customer will see and hear about you and your offer of services and products? What should your “Corporate Sound” be like and your visual presentation (as part of the “Corporate Designs”) and does it harmonize with the resulting philosophy (corporate identity)?

Design of Auditory and Visual Corporate Communications

wally communication berlin®, professionals in the area of communication and specializing in audiovisual communication, are excellent listeners, take a close look at your situation and show you who your customers are (target market analysis, target group profile, milieus, psycho grams, typologies) and how audiovisual communication and its perceptions succeed. We develop an audiovisual communication concept (a communication strategy) that your customers’ eyes and ears will perceive as pleasant and positive and memorable.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff, culla segreta (artist unknown), Biennale Venedig 2014

Consulting | Training | Written Communication | Business texts

wally communication berlin® conceives, designs and directs relevant communication- and advertising texts for your internal and external business communication (and for your personal needs).

We write the following business texts for you:

Text Types – Written Communication – Business Text

Presstexts, text outlines for speeches , info-letters, group-Emails, texts for presentations, talks, journalistic texts, recommendations, procedures, personal letters and correspondences, requests, warnings, complaints, seo-texts, advertising letters and advertising texts for your different types of communication: business cards, flyers, classified ads, texts for business reports, sustainability reports, CSR reports, image publications, posters, texts for your website, newsletters, development of creative and sustainable brand names, names for services offered, descriptions of existing  and new products and services, business names, headlines, claims (slogans), texts for business plans, sponsoring requests, acquisitions letters, letters to potential funders (sponsors, banks, foundations, ministries, governmental agencies, corporations) and other letters and texts you might need.

Advantage by Corporate Text

We prioritize the principles of special text theories and text design when composing your target group oriented, goal achieving texts.

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