Our goal is not just more dialogue, but rather a more perfect

dialogue between the business and its customers and employees.

Agency for communication and innovation
The agency for communication and innovation, wally communication berlin®, advises and supports your organization in the area of idea generation, and in the creation, conception and realization of innovative ideas for the internal and external strategic business communication. wally communication berlin® builds new communication structures within your organization and together we creatively develop strategic communication, communication plans, communication concepts, communication campaigns and communication projects.

We are there for you when it comes to moving your organization forward.


Internal & External Business Communication & Public Relation | Strategy | Planning | Consulting

wally communication berlin® is an agency for strategic communication & innovation in Berlin which offers businesses optimal solutions for their external and internal business communication. We can show you, based on social, technological, business or artistic developments and trends in the markets, how you can attract the customer’s attention through an optimal business communication strategy (-Concept, -Campaign -, Project), give your business an appealing and lasting Image, and assure that your Brand (Products and Services) will not only be recognized, but also “purchased”.

Branding – Brand Management – Brand Strategy

Awareness + Appeal + Product Usage = Brand Triad

New: + Name Recognition + Reusability

Corporate Communication Strategy

An ideal external business communication strategy encompasses advertising (advertising strategy), public relations (PR-strategy), sales promotions, events, sponsoring, online communication, direct-communication and other elements of business communication, depending on market requirements and the economic possibilities. We are always ready to optimize your communication strategy with respect to your communication budget. Our work is based on proven methods, procedures and techniques of integrated business communication, business communication planning and communication psychology. We not only observe the market and the customer, but our observations also include the competition as well as international trends.
Example: Corporate Communication Strategy – Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Methods of Corporate Communications

The agency for communication and innovation, wally communication berlin®, has a keen sense of the market and the customer. wally communication berlin® offers you and your business ‘full service’ in the areas of internal and external business communication. 
Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – exhibition C´EST PAS MON GENRE! About women (artist unknown) Design in France at MAK in Frankfurt

Marketing | Strategy | Planning | Consulting

wally communication berlin® is an agency for strategic communication & innovation in Berlin which offers you consultation, strategies, concepts as well as their combined realization, to assist you in making the decisive step forward. MARKETING, that underestimated and overlooked area of business, remains THE indicator for strategic and business (as well as artistic) success. We analyze your „Marketing-Mix“ together with you – this means combining together the services you offer, your product, the prices, the distribution, the selling location, the demand, the customers (target market), the competition and your previous communication (advertising, public relations, sponsoring, events, conventions, guerrilla marketing, online marketing, etc.).

The Marketing Strategy

Based upon your briefing and the products or services you offer we can provide you with: /1/ offer, services- and / or product portfolio /2/ your SWOT-Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) /3/ market research and market analysis for your market and market study /4/ brand positioning (positioning-axis) /5/ professional business competitor analysis /6/ clear description of your current or future customers (customer typology, target group analysis, target group profile and target group concepts) /7/ we find your USP (Unique Selling Proposition/ selling advantage, individuality), that which makes you special and differentiates you from your competitors. All of the relevant marketing-, communication-, PR- and advertising strategies evolve out of this. /8/ We are continually following the trends on the market.

Advantage by Marketing

We are equipped with current knowledge and work out a marketing strategy for you or offer individual services (see points 1 to 8). You will be able to achieve your marketing goals (profit, advantage on the market, popularity, likeability, appeal, usefulness, new target groups, etc.) faster, more efficiently and with longer lasting results.
Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Advertising | Strategy | Planning | Consulting

Do you feel like you can do without advertising? Even after films like “39,90″ by Jan Kounen? Really? Advertising is out?! A smiling Cheshire cat? We would like to point out that as soon as you call a business card your own, have distributed flyers, or updated your website, you are right in the middle of advertising. In your advertising. It can be fabulous, creative, strategic, efficient, funny, intelligent and goal directed. The right advertising which reaches your target groups and achieves your communication goals. Without scattering losses, but very effective.

Advantage by Advertising

wally communication berlin® are professionals in consultation and the realization of strategic business communication and advertising.

We can tell you which advertising format (media) and which advertising design is the most effective for you. Then there is still the question- “What did the advertising bring you?” Here, we also give you the information out of the results of the communication research (advertising research, advertising effectiveness research, evaluation of communication and advertising formats, public research, recipient research, etc). Here is the list of individual services (the contents of advertising strategy):

Advertising Strategy

/1/ Positioning strategy / positioning-axis: Where do you want to be? Where is your competitor? What is your USP = unique selling principle on the market? /2/ Copy-Strategie: Guidelines of design: layout, typography, (macro- and micro-typography), color, sound, etc. /3/ Type of advertising and approach strategy: which type of advertising will you decide on and why? (Flyer, website, poster, spot, guerrilla approach, etc) (above/below the line) /4/ Design / first draft / test Copy /5/ Media strategy: Where and when do you place which kind of advertising and in which type of media? Time planning, advertising cost calculation, choice of media with respect to media statistics. /6/ Decision making process / choice of communication materials (advertising materials) /7/ Production, “placement”, and expediting of advertising /8/ Evaluation of the advertising strategy: How efficiently did your advertising achieve your communication goal? Evaluation of advertising materials, using the methods of modern communications research, communications studies and controlling.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Audiovisual Communication | Planning | Consulting | Training

Ear and eye (hearing and seeing). What do we see and hear and which roles are played by sounds, acoustics, noises, tones, musical sounds, sound trademarks, melodies, sound patterns, colors, forms, or pictures? What do we perceive visually and acoustically and how do we communicate in an audiovisual manner?

Auditory and Visual Communication

What does the customer see and hear? What should the customer see and hear from you? How can you design a visual and auditory form of communication? How can you ensure that the customer will see and hear about you and your offer of services and products? What should your “Corporate Sound” be like and your visual presentation (as part of the “Corporate Designs”) and does it harmonize with the resulting philosophy (corporate identity)?

Design of Auditory and Visual Corporate Communications

wally communication berlin®, professionals in the area of communication and specializing in audiovisual communication, are excellent listeners, take a close look at your situation and show you who your customers are (target market analysis, target group profile, milieus, psycho grams, typologies) and how audiovisual communication and its perceptions succeed. We develop an audiovisual communication concept (a communication strategy) that your customers’ eyes and ears will perceive as pleasant and positive and memorable.
Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff, culla segreta (artist unknown), Biennale Venedig 2014

Empirical Communication | Research | Evaluation | Consulting

wally communication berlin® doesn’t have a high opinion of original sounding speculations in the mass media. We want to know for sure and we rely on empiricism, which affords us more objectivity.

Empirical Communication Research

Empirical communications research is a part of market research and helps make human and media communication more understandable, measurable and calculable in order to gain new insights. Our competence in communication research, as well as visual communication research, public research, research on the use of the media, media effectiveness research grows out of the theoretical and practical knowledge of communication psychology, the audiovisual media, as well as from the knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistical methods of compilation, preparation, analysis and evaluation of data. 

Methods of Empirical Communication Research

wally communication berlin®  advises and supports you with the choosing of  research methods (questioning, observation, content analysis, user experience, qualitative process or physiological measuring). We develop the research design and investigative plan, carry out the research and investigation and produce high quality results.

Advantage by Empirical Communication Research

wally communication berlin® is on your side when it comes to searching for information about your current and potential customers (target groups) and by the preparation of valid, reliable and representative data resulting out of the various areas of our research.
Mr. Janosch, the economic situation…what is going there? No danger: Wondrak has already set up a Kosinus Curve. It notes every movement of the economy and the morale, as well as the development of cumulus clouds. As soon as it goes below the critical 36, he’ll jump in.

Quelle Comic
Used with the kind permission of 
© „Janosch film & medien AG“

Written Communication | Business texts | Consulting | Training

wally communication berlin® conceives, designs and directs relevant communication- and advertising texts for your internal and external business communication (and for your personal needs).

We write the following business texts for you:

Text Types – Written Communication – Business Text

Presstexts, text outlines for speeches , info-letters, group-Emails, texts for presentations, talks, journalistic texts, recommendations, procedures, personal letters and correspondences, requests, warnings, complaints, seo-texts, advertising letters and advertising texts for your different types of communication: business cards, flyers, classified ads, texts for business reports, sustainability reports, CSR reports, image publications, posters, texts for your website, newsletters, development of creative and sustainable brand names, names for services offered, descriptions of existing  and new products and services, business names, headlines, claims (slogans), texts for business plans, sponsoring requests, acquisitions letters, letters to potential funders (sponsors, banks, foundations, ministries, governmental agencies, corporations) and other letters and texts you might need.

Advantage by Corporate Text

We prioritize the principles of special text theories and text design when composing your target group oriented, goal achieving texts.
Calligraphy – © Hamid Hadinajad (a gift)


Innovation | Communication | Consulting | Training

The prognosis is very clear. The future of the organization is called innovation communication – open innovation.

Innovation Management

The organizations communication management, the internal and external business communication must be created anew. Each employee must be informed and included. New communication strategies will be necessary to implement the innovation communication.  A new organization climate inspires not only the employee, but it also communicates the research and development of new products, services, technologies and ideas including their implementation and realization on the market. Businesses often overlook the chance of being acknowledged as being the innovators.

Innovation Communication – Training and Consulting

wally communication berlin® actively supports you professionally when conveying news from within the organization. Depending on the client and the demand group, we convey your innovation in understandable messages and with modern communication and text techniques (campaigns, storytelly, framing).

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff, Biennale Venedig 2013 (artist unknown)

Creativity | Design Thinking | Consulting | Training

wally communication berlin® works in a creative laboratory. Surprise yourself. Why and when are you creative? The question is not new…or is it? How do you connect with your creativity? The modern research on creativity started as Roger Sperry severed the corpus callosum (connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain). This led to Sperry being awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1981. This also brought forth an answer to the question of how human creativity develops and which tasks are assigned to which half of the brain.

Creativity is Solution

Every one of us is creative. If one looks at the GABLER Business Dictionary, it states that creativity is a process where several innovative solutions are brought forth within a short period of time. This is exactly what we are doing every day, but sometimes it is difficult to develop innovative solutions under pressure and within the given time frame. We can, however, steer this process with the help of conditions, circumstances, and rational + emotional creativity techniques.

Our Creative Skills

Creativity is essential in each area of the arts, culture, business and society. wally communication berlin® presides over many years of practice and theoretical competence (i.e. “creativity” as a major curriculum at the University of the Arts in Berlin, further education at the HPI – Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam in “Design Thinking” u.a.).

We have been researching the topic of human creativity for 15 years and have developed our own creativity techniques. We know how you and your team can arrive at being in the FLOW and show you how various techniques – creativity techniques – can be used effectively.

Creativity – Design Thinking – Training and Consulting

In our creativity trainings, which we offer in cooperation with CORPORATE BRAIN® you will generate and work out solutions and new directions for solutions in a creatively assembled team, which realize results much more quickly than you would on your own.

Our creativity trainings are experimental and very current, as we continually make excursions to innovation centers (i.e. the Hasso-Plattner-Institute for Design Thinking). An Indian saying states “Ideas are like nimble fish.” We show you how ideas are born in art, culture, music, science, politics and the media. We help you get your ideas on their way. wally communication berlin®, the communication and innovation agency, offers creativity consultation and training for private individuals and for businesses who are interested in  growth and development, as well as innovative solutions for a current “problem” or task.

Let yourself fall, learn to observe snakes, plant impossible gardens, invite someone dangerous for tea, …”

The beginning of a poem by Joseph Beuys (1921-1986), german performance artist an art theoretician.
Photo: 8sec brain: ©Sabine Linkersdorff


Our selected customers are: Amnesty International | ASTEC Germany GmbH | bbw – Academy of Business Development | Best-Sabel Design, Trade and Tourism, Best-Sabel College | BUT – National Association for Theater Studies | BVG – Berlin Public Transportation Authority | Caritas Association | Comhard – Association for Computer Education | Demos Group GmbH / Hemsley Fraser | DER TAGESSPIEGEL | DESTATIS | | German Stock Market | German Foundation “Memory – Responsibility – Future“ | Deutsche Telekom Laboratories | Deutsche Welle – TV Germany | Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany | The Media Academy of Berlin | EDEKA AG and Co KG | EMBA – European Media and Business Academy | New Business launches (group names) | FIBAA Foundation | | FOM – University for Economics and Management | Forum Holzbau GmbH | Fraunhofer Association | HGB Leipzig – College of Graphic Arts and Book Design | HTW – College of Technology and Business in Berlin | HMKW | HSMW – College of Mittweida (Berlin) | HUB – Humboldt University Berlin | IHK – Industry and Trade Commission, Berlin | Guild of the Motor Vehicle Trade | KBB – Academy for Education and Culture in Berlin | Communication Congress Berlin | Artists (group names) | Kulturfabrik (Culture Factory) Fürstenwalde gGmbH | Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg GmbH | MDK – Medical Service of Health Insurance | Mercedes – Benz – Germany | MISTER TAFF ® | PNN – Potsdam’s Newest News | PSI AG | SAP GmbH | SEZ – Sports and Wellness Center Berlin | Star Entertainment GmbH | TU Technical University Berlin | UdK – University for the Arts, Berlin | Valle dei Margi I`Agriturismo | WBH – Willy-Brandt-House | Wernesgrüner Brewery | ZWILLING J.A. HENKELS | ZITTY – Publishers, Berlin



  • S.W. Linkersdorff – Trainer, Consultant for Communication, Marketing, Advertising, Text, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, HRM, Research and Creativity
  • Appraiser of FIBAA for universities in the field of marketing, communication, advertising, psychology, HRM, research & Lecturers at the FOM Berlin and HU Berlin
  • Further Education Creativity & Design-Thinking – Hasso-Plattner-Institut – SAP Potsdam
  • Founding of corporate brain® – Agency for Personal Research and -Development and CreativityTraining (together with Mike Zimmerman – Artist: Chicago & Berlin),
  • Employed at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, International Media- and Communication Congress – Sponsoring, Public Relations
  • Founding of wally communication berlin® – Agency for Advice and Execution of Corporate Communication, Research, Advertising, Marketing, Text and Creativity,
  • Dipl.Communication-Management (University of the Arts in Berlin / Institute for Time-based Media – Social and Business Communication (GWK – Corporate Communication, Marketing, PR, Advertising, Text, Research, Communication Psychology, Creativity, Innovation),
  • Employed at the Berlin Office of Statistics – Department: Statistics-Production, Public Relations, Publications, German Federal Parliament Elections and European Elections
  • Dipl.Economics-Statistics (FH), College & University of Economics in Chemnitz & Berlin – Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Programming), Postgrad.Economics-Statistics – Business Specialist

Network – Wally Communication Berlin

Links – Communication – Public Relation – Communication Design – Advertising – Communication Art – Text – Research – Innovation


Surroundings - Communication - StreetArt - "Urban Nation" - Opening 09/16/2017

Foto – veteran street berlin in march 2017 – ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Sabine Linkersdorff - Expertise Lecture Training Seminar Moderation 2017

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Qualitative Personal Research | University FOM – HRM M.A.| WiSem 2017

Methods Qualitative Research | FOM – Economic Psychology M.A.| SumSem & WiSem 17

Empirical Market & Communication Research | University Mittweida | SumSem 2017

Expertise Accreditation Certification Universities | FIBAA | regular in 2017

Communication Training | Motor Vehicle Guild Berlin | regular in 2017

The Golden Ratio in ..


Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

“Aquarius” by Hanna Roeckle in the Museum of Communication Berlin – “The Golden Ratio as a Theory of Everything?”

.. Art, Architecture


Editing: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

The Museum of Communication Berlin starts in the new year with the exhibition “The Golden Ratio as a Theory of Everything?”

.. & Communication


Editing: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

The Original-Foto was taken by Best-Sabel-University.

Member of GfHF


Wally Communication Berlin® will become a member of the Society for Higher Education Research.


PR & Health


Wally Communication Berlin® advises the management of a market leader in health management in Germany for its PR concept and evaluation.

Bye 2016


Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Wally Communication Berlin® wishes all customers and employees a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cheers 2017


Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Business Holiday 09/16

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Appraiser of FIBAA


Sabine Linkersdorff is appointed by the FIBAA – Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation – as an appraiser in the field of marketing, communication, advertising and research.

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Projects in 2016

Hemsley Fraser Group® – Internal Communication; Successful Correspondence || Motor Vehicle Guild Berlin – Communication Training || FIBAA® – Appraiser || College Mittweida in Berlin – Interactive Media; Communication and Media; Operational & Strategic Communication Management || Current Clients – Internal & External Corporate Communication; Market- and Communication Research; Communication Trainings; Creativity Trainings || Modulor® – UX Website || Telecom Innovation Laboratories® – Use and User Research || College HTW Berlin – Project Management visitor research in the Long Night of the Sciences 2016 || HTW Berlin – Department Business Communication – Lecturer: Methods of Empirical Market- and Communication Research || Mister Taff® – Advertising; Text ||

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Planning for 2017

Humboldt-University Berlin – Methods of Empirical Research; Corporate Identity || FOM – Marketing and Digital Media || Hemsley Fraser Group® – Internal Communication; Successful Correspondence || Motor Vehicle Guild Berlin – Communication Training || FIBAA® – Appraiser || College Mittweida in Berlin – Interactive Media; Communication and Media; Operational & Strategic Communication Management; Market- and Communication Research || Current Clients – Internal & External Corporate Communication; Market- and Communication Research; Communication Trainings; Creativity Trainings || Telecom Innovation Laboratories® – Use- and User- Research || Mister Taff® – Advertising; Text ||

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Marketing - Communication - Media - PR - Design - Creation || Conferences 2o15

## “TV-KOMM – Der Bewegtbildkongress” – Verlags-, Zielgruppen-, Marken-TV am 25. Februar 2015 ## “SMM – Sales Marketing Messe – 26. Februar 2015 ## “Milano Entertainment Cartoomics” – 13. – 15. März 2015 ## “SMX – Search Marketing Expo – 17. – 18. März 2015 ## “ARTECH 2015 – International Conference on Digital Arts – Creating Digital e-Motions – Óbidos, Portugal, 18.- 20. März 2015 ## “AdvertisingWeekEurope” London, 23. – 27. März ## “ICCM2015” – International Conference on Communication and Management, Athen, 30. März – 1. April 2015 ## “INFOCOMM CHINA” – Beijing – 8. – 10. April 2015 ## “DMM – Dialog Marketing Messe – 15. – 16. April 2015 ## “European Newspaper Congress 2015″” mit dem Innovationsreport der New York Times 2015 vom 3. – 5. Mai in Wien ## “Media Convention” der Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg – 05. – 06. Mai 2015 ## “GEO-Marketing 2.0” – Big – Data – Raum für Visionen – 28. Mai 2015 ## “CCI – Conference on Corporate Communication 2015” – New York – 2. – 5. Juni 2015 ## “CO-REACH” – Messe für Cross-Media-Marketing – 24. – 25. Juni 2015 ## “Cannes Lions” – International Festival of Creativity & Innovation, 21. – 27. Juni 2015 ## “IAMCR´S” Montreal Conference – Hegemony or Resistance? On the Ambiguous Power of Communication, 12. – 16. Juli 2015 ## “Suisse-EMEX” – Fachmesse für Marketing, Kommunikation, Event & Promotion, 25.-26. August 2015 ## “12. Kommunikationskongress” – Fachkonferenz für professionelles Kommunikationsmanagement – 17. September 2015 ## “Österreichische Medientage” – Fachkongress für die Medien- und Kommunikations-Wirtschaft, 22. – 23. September 2015 ## “UCDA Design Conference” – Orlando, 3. – 6. Oktober 2015 ## “Medientage München” – 21. – 23. Oktober 2015 ## “Radioday” – Messe und Kongress für Radiowerbung – T: x ## “Research & Results” – Fachmesse für Marktforschung in München, 28. – 29. Oktober 2015 ## “Christal Festival” – Creativity & Innovation – Courchevel-France, 8. – 13. Dezember 2015 ##

Of the Corporate Identity for Corporate Communications

Of the Corporate Identity (CI) for strategic Internal Corporate Communications (CC): Together with colleagues from the management level of the Hessian State Statistical Office (HSL) developed wally communication berlin® a first current approach to Internal Corporate Communications / Employee Communications.

Important steps for this were:

*Briefing, *Rebriefing,
*Analysis of the brand essence of the HSL,
*Analysis of Corporate Identity as the sum of Corporate Design, Corporate Communication
and Corporate Behavior of HSL,
*Concept for Means- and Measures- and Media Strategy,
*Evaluation and Controlling the means and measures for Internal Corporate Communications,
*References to External Corporate Communications.

Scientific collaboration


As part of the Berlin Quality Campaign for Science (BQOL), Sabine Linkersdorff begins a scientific collaboration with the Department of Business Communication Management at HTW University of Applied Sciences as a lecturer for the innovative area of study “Empirical Market and Communication Research” (2015-2016).

Photo: Perception and Reception – ©Sabine Linkersdorff

The house would like to tell you something


There is a house in East Berlin. The house with an ear. You can plug yourself in and listen to its inner voice. Try it out. You´ll have to look around a bit, though. A clue: The house-with-an-ear is in Brunnenstreet. Take a look at the picture and you´re good to go. Good luck.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Know how

Starting in 09/15

New training by wally communication berlin® starting this month: “Relationship Management via Effective Communication”. For more details and booking please contact us using the contact form underneath.

Photo/Collage: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Berlin in autumn


It´s autumn in Berlin – here captured next to the cafe “Barcomi” in Sophienstreet

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Trainings for companies


Recently updated offer for companies by wally communication berlin® – with the following interesting topics: Corporate Communications | Written Communications | Successful Correspondence | Corporate Text | Target-oriented Workshops | Effective Minutes Taking | Creativity Techniques and Design Thinking | Relationship Management via Successful Communication | Time-Management and Self-Management | Rhetoric and Presenting Techniques. The courses can be booked directly via “contact” at wally communication berlin® or via DEMOS Group GmbH / Hemsley Fraser.

Photo/Collage: Archimedes of Syracuse – HEUREKA – Creativity and Design Thinking ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Effective communication through research

Starting in 07/15

During the summer semester 2015, students at HTW University of Applied Sciences came up with some very interesting findings in the tutorial on “Methods of Empirical Market and Communication Research” at the department of Business Communication Management. They were investigating among anothers the following problems: Is there a “female tax” and for which “gender products” (an observational study)? On which TV-channels did the “Royal Baby II” live and for how long (a TV media content analysis)? Are people willing to buy more if there are more “organic labels” adorning a product (a survey and an observational study)? Which “image campaign” leads to which purchasing decisions (a survey and an observational study)?

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Niederbarnimstreet in Berlin-Friedrichshain – The city space is changing our communication

BerlinBerlin - in love with the city


Familiar every day, yet always changing.

Photo: © Sabine Linkersdorff – Berlin Festival Of Lights

Freedom! An open letter ...

“Freedom! An open letter to the core agency CEOs on Earth.” Source:

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Crisps bags are the better listeners


Audio-visual communication research: MIT in Cambridge applied the phenomenon of the “acoustic resonance” to a bag of potato crisps and captured the experiment on film. The researchers were then able to reconstruct conversations in the room by observing the bag.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Expert evaluations for corporate communication


Sabine Linkersdorff – wally communication berlin® – has been appointed an expert evaluator for an international accreditation agency for quality management and evaluation for the area of corporate communications, marketing, advertising and public relations.

Photo: © Sabine Linkersdorff

Trainings for companies


Corporate trainings by Sabine Linkersdorff – wally communication berlin® – continue this year with the following topics: Corporate Communications | Written Communications | Successful Correspondence | Corporate Text | Target-oriented Workshops | Effective Minutes Taking | Creativity Techniques and Design Thinking | Relationship Management via Successful Communication | Time-Management and Self-Management | Rhetoric and Presenting Techniques. The trainings can be booked directly via “contact” at wally communication berlin® or via DEMOS Group GmbH / Hemsley Fraser.

Photo: Employee Communication: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

The method is the message

Starting in 04/15

In the summer semester 2015 wally communication berlin® again dons the robe of a university don and teaches “Methods of Empirical Market and Communication Research” at the department of Business Communication Management at HTW University of Applied Sciences.

Foto: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin® – “Methods of Empirical Market and Communication Research”.

Corporate communication means specialization and diversity


The wishes of our clients are our mission. Like in the past year, this year we continue to focus our training, consulting and implementation services on the following areas: Communication Strategy | Advertisement Concepts | Public Relations | Evaluation of Corporate Communication | Online-Marketing-SEO/SEM | Corporate and Information Texts | Customer Acquisition for Clients | Sponsoring | Job Application Training and Application Writing | E-Mail-Marketing | Development of Product Names and Slogans | Employee and Customer Communications | Market and Empirical Communication Research | Communications for Innovations | Creativity and Communication trainings.

Photo: © Sabine Linkersdorff

Swimming in Rummelsburger Bay


The town hall of Lichtenberg/Berlin invites to a Long Night of Politics. Among many interesting topics there will be a presentation of the “communication strategy” behind the VALUE OF THE CITY campaign, followed by a panel discussion on SWIMMING IN RUMMELSBURGER BAY. Ralf Steeg from LURITEC® will introduce to you “The modular system for rain water tanks” in an entertaining and informative way.

Photo: The Rummelsburger Bay ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Culture Brands Award


wally communication berlin® at the “Culture Brands Award” ceremony at the Schiller Theater.

Photo: At the Culture Brands – Award 2014: ©Sabine Linkersdorff – Wally Communication Berlin®

Green, greener, organic


Purchasing eggs from the Berlin egg vending machine.

Photo: © Sabine Linkersdorff

the MMK2 celebrates grand opening


On October 19, 2014, the Museum of Modern Art Nr.2 in Frankfurt celebrates its grand opening. We, from wally communication berlin® , will be celebrating with them.

Photo: ©Marlis Otto / Dinner Party from K. Fritsch

acquires the Automobile Guild


wally communication berlin® celebrates this new client.

Photo: ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Picture – Communication beBerlin


The identity in Stencil: “The kisses under the basement stairs of my high-rise apartment building.”

Photo: © Sabine Linkersdorff

Corporate Outing – Summer Festival by wally communication berlin®


Our Summer Festival takes us to Clärchens Ballhaus. Whoever has not yet been there is said to have not yet been to Berlin.

Photo “Berliner Dom” © Sabine Linkersdorff

Corporate Architecture – when a room speaks


…it is wonderful to walk through rooms in which the organizations’ philosophy speaks. The columns supporting the atrium of the Jewish Museum in Berlin are, depending upon the perspective, letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The graphic design of the administrative areas adheres to the design of the whole building as well as the facade and stands for the Vision & Mission of the organization. There is not enough space to further delve into all of the intelligence of the architectonic details of form, color, materials, sound and light. We at wally communication berlin® think they deserve a high award for the terrific organizational communication and the expression of the Corporate Identity.

Photo: Atrium ©Sabine Linkersdorff

Illustrated written Communication


wally communication berlin® occupies itself with the “Illustrated Manuscripts of the Braginsky Collection“ in the current exhibition “The Creation of the World” at the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Eye Witness – Theaster Gates – “Must see”


Have you ever placed your ear up to a fire department hose? What do you hear? Exactly! This is not the case with the fire department hoses used by artist, Theaster Gates. They speak about centuries of power, oppression and slavery. The artwork, “Mama Red” was unveiled in the Taunus tower in Frankfurt. We, from wally communication berlin® were there and are very excited.

Photo: © TishmanSpeyer Properties / Photo: Klaus Helbig, Frankfurt

Ziggy Stardust – Learning from the Best


David Bowie is a fantastic gift for Berlin. We hear Berlin in a new manner. This wonderful exhibition in GropiusBau also shows us an unusual creativity as well as the creativity techniques he conceived and practiced. Learning from the Best.

back to the Sound


wally communication berlin® goes back to the broad field of audiovisual communication and works on a “sound concept”. Bertold Schmidt-Thomé, attorney at law with dtb Lawyers will be overseeing the legal aspects of this project from the very beginning. The market entrance is planned for 2018.

Photo: ©Frank Lonitz

Communication model of Rudolf Steiner


wally communication berlin® visits the exhibition of original works by R. Steiner (Perception, Meaning, Communication). Right side of picture, “Various Blackboard Drawings” (Chalk on black Paper 1923).

Biennale Venice 2013 Various Blackboard Drawings (Chalk on black Paper 1923) Photo: Sabine Linkersdorff



September 1996: the curriculum “Social- and Business Communication” offers its first semester at the University of the Arts in Berlin. (UdK – Universität der Künste Berlin) (We were there!!) Prof. Dr. Dr. Lutz Huth (Professor in Verbal Communication) kept it concise when he once said, “Whatever you do, tell a story.” His legendary lectures and seminars were called “Stories in Communication, Advertising and Presentation”. September 2013: Today it is known by the English word STORYTELLING. We at wally communication berlin® will show you in our workshops how it is done.

visit to the Venice Biennale 2013


ART is always dialogue, COMMUNICATION, Portrait and Representation of a Reality. There were more than 10.000 m2 of exhibition space in ARSENALE and GIARDINI and 47 other locations in Venice where modern artworks from 88 countries are presented in a multifaceted exhibition. The Biennale is a primary art market, therefore artworks cannot be purchased. It is not (yet) about art being valued as a commodity, but about the true value of art. This makes the Biennale very attractive and definitely worth seeing.

Photo Venice Biennale 2013: © Sabine Linkersdorff

The market is always changing as do the services we offer.


wally communication berlin® relaunch of website and refinement of portfolio.

visit to Georg Büchner


We discover the secret creativity-/communication techniques of Georg Büchner at the current Georg Büchner exhibition in Darmstadt.

with our own Creativity-Lab


Without a ROOM, there is no creativity. We are building the ROOM.

on a “conference tour”


COMMUNICATION WORLD- conference for intelligent, flexible & mobile IT in MOC Munich on November 6/7, 2013 Cultural Brand Award 2013 on October 24, 2013 in Berlin Communications Conference 2013 on September 26/27 in Berlin International Media Conference Berlin on September 9/10, 2013 The Long Night of Startups on September 7, 2013 wally communication berlin® has vacation for the month of August

Berliner Dom 2013 Photo: © Sabine Linkersdorff

wins Bundestag (German Federal Parliament) & ZITTY-Verlag (ZITTY Publishing)


The PR students at EMBA – (European Media and Business Academy) – and wally communication berlin® (Instructor for Communications Strategies) visit the department of Public Realtions at the DEUTSCHEN BUNDESTAG (German Federal Parliament), under the direction of Britta Hanke-Giesers and the Berlin city magazine [030] (publisher Der Tagesspiegel). After a good briefing, they worked on interesting themes relating to business communication and communication research (from media planning to evaluation of the advertising campaign (elections advertising campaign for the German Federal Parliament) and advertising effectiveness research). The students submitted a video for the national competition for the BUNDESTAG elections 2013. Their video, “Du bist die Wahl” (“You are the Choice”) won 6th place. The given communication goal of the competition is a 30 second video which is original, authentic and is best able to motivate the entire voting population to cast their votes. On YouTube, (the communication channel) the viewers were able to choose their top 20 favorites. The jury , (jury= testimonials and campaign spokesperson, Kirsten Bruhn – swimmer, Linda Hesse – singer, Firat Arslan – boxer, Raúl Richter – and actors, as well as representatives from the Commission for Public Relations for the German Federal Parliament) declared the winner.

acquisition of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag)


One night in February of 2013 – there is still one light burning in the building of the German Federal Parliament (DEUTSCHER BUNDESTAG). Wally communication berlin® was able to win over the Deutscher Bundestag as a new partner. A collaborative Communication projekt between the DEUTSCHER BUNDESTAG, the communication agencywally communication berlin® (acquisition; idea; contact; 1. concept; supervise implementation) and the HMKW Berlin (concept / realisation) successfully approaches an end. The results of the communication project are the redesign of cover for print media, research (survey, observation, media analysis) and evaluation of “political attitudes”, attractiveness of printed media from the DEUTSCHEN BUNDESTAG and the voting behavior among young people. A very special thank you to the ambitious students and the entire staff of the Office of Publicity and Communication in the DEUTSCHEN BUNDESTAG, under the direction of Britta Hanke-Giesers and Herbert Fleischhauer. The results of this communication project can be seen in the internal media of the DEUTSCHEN BUNDESTAG.

Photo In the German Bundestag / Paul-Löbe-House © Sabine Linkersdorff


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